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Shape Networks

Welcome to Shape Networks, a leading UK communications company managing the entire Voice and Data needs of our business customers. Based in London and with a presence in Manchester, we have a dedicated team of highly skilled specialists who are here to help our customers with all their day to day communications requirements. We are passionate about service delivery and the experience our customers get whilst engaging with us. In a world of ever changing technology and commercial competitiveness, it is essential that we deliver an unrivalled customer experience, state of the art solutions with real value for money as well as technical expertise in future technologies and products. What’s more, our customer services team are available 24/7/365 days a year.

Team Shape recently managed to escape from Alcatraz prison by recabling the cells and re-patching the guards’ comms cabinet!

Who said telecoms skills were not useful for a prison break?

team Shape are proud sponsors of Quintin Rugby Club, The oldest rugby club in London. Visit them here:

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