pinkEthernet in the First Mile (EFM)


Ethernet in the First Mile (EFM) provides high speed, reliable Internet connectivity for businesses that have outgrown ADSL broadband and where Fibre broadband services are too expensive to install or unavailable. EFM is formed of multiple copper wires connecting your business premises directly to the Ethernet core networks, creating a Direct Internet Access (DIA) dedicated to your business only.

This is a new technology which is changing the face of VoIP and data services giving customers far greater speeds at very competitive prices. Our EFM provide business with:

  • 2Mbps to 35Mbps download speeds            √ Free Managed router
  • 2Mbps to 35Mbps upload speeds                 √ Free installation
  • Uncontended connection                                √ IP address options
  • Symmetrical speeds                                        √ Prevent one point of failure
  • Business-grade connection                            √ UK first-line support
  • Great reliability and better SLAs                    √ £3000 BDUK scheme


√ 24/7 x 365 Customer Support

√ Dedicated Account Manager

√ 24/7 x Connectivity monitoring

√ 12 or 36 Months contract

√ Significant savings

√ One simple itemised bill

√ Free router

√ Free installation on 36 month contract 

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