circ2Ethernet Fibre

(Leased Line)


Ethernet Fibre, also known as an Internet Leased Line, provide businesses with a dedicated connection between a premises and Internet, delivering bandwidth over a leased fibre optic connection. It can be implemented in most locations regardless of whether or not fibre optic is currently available in the area.

Ethernet fibre offers businesses unrivalled level of resilience and Internet speeds. Robust, dedicated and entirely scalable, Ethernet fibre gives your business a first-class Internet experience with the best SLAs available on the market. It can meet any business requirements with symmetrical Internet speeds of up to 1Gbps and is simply the best connectivity solution currently available on the market. Our Ethernet Fibre solution provide businesses with:

  • 10Mbps to 1Gbps download speeds          √ Free managed router
  • 10Mbps to 1Gbps upload speeds               √ IP address options
  • Uncontended connection                             √ 24/7 Connection monitoring
  • Scalable, robust and dedicated                   √ Symmetrical speeds
  • Failover and backup connection                 √ £3000 BDUK scheme
  • Best SLAs available on the market             √ Direct Internet Access



√ 24/7 x 365 Customer Support

√ Dedicated Account Manager

√ 24/7 Connectivity monitoring

√ 12 or 36 Months contract

√ Free managed router

√ One simple itemised bill

√ ADSL backup connection 

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