Is Shape completely independent?
Shape works only with Tier 1 partners to ensure the best quality and value for money for its customers. Shape has preferred partners to deliver this however if a customer wishes to explore areas outside this then Shape will act independently to deliver whatever its customers require.
Is Shape really 24x7, 365 days a year?
Yes we are. Not all functions are available 24×7, 365 days a year but you will be able to speak to a Shape representative at any time 24×7, 365 days a year.
Is the Consultation free of charge?
Yes, Shape will do a free audit on customers’ telecoms either face to face or over the telephone or via email / web conference. The only chargeable services are specific projects where a Shape Consultant is employed for a period of time. Everything else is complimentary and we encourage regular meets between the Shape team and our customers.
How can Shape be cheaper than other suppliers for voice and data in such a competitive market?
Shape is not always the cheapest but we are very good value for money and aim to be competitive at all times whilst maintaining quality. We will never sacrifice the quality we provide our customers even if it means cost savings. Shape has a fantastic relationship with its partners and the networks and therefore can provide leading technologies at a very competitive price.
What do I need to do or provide for my FREE Telecoms and IT Audit?
For a face to face meeting with one of our experienced Consultants anywhere in the UK, all you need to do is spend more than £700 a month currently on your telecoms and internet connectivity (not including mobiles – mobiles we treat separately).  We would ask that you are out of contract with your existing suppliers or are within 4 months of being out of contract. If you can fax or scan any billing information to us we will analyse this prior to our meeting. Alternatively please have this information for the Consultant in the meeting.
What can I expect after a FREE Consultation and Audit?
The Consultant will write up either in a document or an email all suggestions and pricing regarding all the items you wish to discuss and will recommend independent alternatives wherever possible.
Am I obligated in any way to Shape after a Consultant meets me?

No not at all. Naturally we hope you may take us up on one or more of our suggestions but there is no obligation. We do not employ pushy sales people and respect your decision either way. Our intention is to be of help so you choose the best and latest technologies to maintain or improve quality whether you use Shape or not.

Are you prepared to change as my business changes?
We are looking to create a business partnership rather than a buyer-supplier relationship. Our goal is to be flexible enough to meet the changing needs of all our customers.
How do I know that as your business grows you will keep looking after me?
Shape Networks is a rapidly growing business; our growth is based on excellent customer service and a sound financial base. Our future growth is totally dependent on ensuring excellent customer service which we are completely passionate about.
How do you respond to changes in technology?
Shape keeps abreast with the latest technology to always make sure that we deliver robust and sophisticated solutions. The end result is better service, reliability, and cost effective services.
Will I have my own Account Manager?
Yes absolutely, he or she will know your business intimately, give regular reviews, market updates and work to enhance your business goals.
Is there anything Shape Networks can't help me with?
No. Shape has years of experience in all forms of telecoms, data and IT. If for any reason we can’t assist we will find the answer from our large network of partners.
How do I go about working for Shape Networks?

Shape Networks is always looking for individuals who above all are passionate about service. We are always looking for exceptional people to join us in Sales, Customer Service, Finance or Administration.

If you are interested in joining one of the most exciting telecoms businesses in the UK which is passionate about its staff please forward your up to date CV together with the area you would like to work in to: info@shapenetworks.com

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