Fibre broadband, also known as Fibre To The Cabinet (FTTC) is using fibre optic cables to increase the speed of broadband connections for businesses. Fibre optic cables are made from glass and plastic as opposed to traditional copper cables allowing them to carry more data faster and therefore, allowing businesses to boost their productivity. Our Fibre broadband provide businesses with:


  • Up to 76Mbps download speeds                              √ Wi-Fi router
  • Up to 19 Mbps upload speeds                                  √ Static IP address
  • 8x Faster than average UK broadband                    √ UK first-line support
  • 20x Faster upload speeds with FTTC                      √ FREE installation
  • Enable higher business productivity                        √ £3000 BDUK scheme


√ 24/7 x 365 Customer Support

√ Dedicated Account Manager

√ 24/7 x 365 Connectivity monitoring

√ 24 Months contract

√ One simple itemised bill

√ Traffic prioritisation

√ Free speedy installation

√ Free router

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