A Hosted telephone system is a telephone system located in secured data centres in the “Cloud”. Unlike traditional telephone systems, Hosted Telephony involves limited on-site hardware and the intelligence of the telephone system resides in the secured data centres. With Shape’s Hosted solution, calls are router over a secure Internet connection and therefore do not touch the public Internet in the same way that other VoIP solutions do. The key advantages of Hosted Telephony are highlighted below.

Cost Savings

With a Hosted phone system, your business calls are routed over an Internet connection, meaning call charges are often cheaper. In addition, the requirements for on-site maintenance is limited as most changes can be done remotely, either by our team or yourself via our customer-friendly web portal. As your business evolves, staff can be added (or removed) without the need for expensive engineer visits. Furthermore (as if that wasn’t enough), your business will benefit from Free calls between employees or sites, regardless of their locations worldwide.

Features and Functionalities

These features include:

  • Call transfer
  • Call Recording
  • User-friendly Web Portal
  • Wallboards
  • PCI Compliance
  • Live Listen
  • Call Statistics & Reporting
  • Audio Conferencing & 3 Way Calling
  • Hot desking
  • Voicemail to email
  • and many more…

The Plug & Play nature of Hosted Telephony means that you can simply add or remove staff, apply routing changes, order new hardware and see live statistics at the touch of a button on your computer, tablet or smartphone. Additional hardware is sent completely pre-configured for your convenience anywhere in the world without the need for expensive engineering visits. With Shape’s Hosted solution, starting a new office or moving an existing one becomes easy and inexpensive compared with traditional telephony.


Hosted Telephony allows your business to be more flexible by simply allocating a single phone number (DDI) and extension number to each of your employees. This phone number and extension can be used across all devices and it enables remote working solutions for your business. This way,  your employees are contactable whether they are in the office, at home, or even on the move.

Be in Control

With Shape’s Hosted Telephony, your business can have full control over its hosted phone system thanks to our user-friendly web portal. Accessible from a computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone, our user-friendly web portal enables you to manage your entire business phone system at the touch of a finger.

Security, Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

Reduce the risk of missed calls or opportunities with Shape’s Hosted Telephony solution, regardless of the situation.

Whether your business experiences a disaster or unforeseen event, calls can quickly be redirected to another line, mobile phone or site, allowing your business to remain contactable and your employees to remain productive. As a hosted solution, physical damage to on-site equipment can be minimised to handsets and routers only as opposed to a complete on-site traditional  phone system. Furthermore, our secured data centres are fully backed up and highly resilient to any fraud and hacking attempts (see here).

We know that 90% of Cloud-using organisations are satisfied with it, 70% expect to up their usage over the coming years and 56% believe that Cloud solutions have provided them with competitive advantage.

Alex Hilton

CEO, Cloud Industry Forum (CIF) - Feb 2015

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