The customer of today is evolving and increasingly turning towards digital ways of communications. We are all using our smartphones and tablets on a daily basis to interact, find information and more.

Digital technology is disrupting every industry and the financial industry is not exempt. One financial sector that has been relatively slow to react to the digital wave – some might even say dangerously slow – is the insurance industry.

11% of business will be generated via mobile channels by 2018 (World Insurance report, 2014).

Currently one of the most competitive industries in the UK with comparison websites, competition from retail giants and digital fintech start-ups, the UK insurance industry is now facing the wave of digital transformation.

Whilst being threaten by more industry competition, insurance companies also face the challenge of remaining compliant to industry standards and regulations from the Financial Conduct Authorities (FCA).

Against this background, digital technology and channels provide perhaps the biggest opportunity in the industry’s history to reconnect with policy holders, by improving their service and communications.

86% of insurance CEOs believe technological advances will transform their business in the next 3-5 years.

PwC, 2014 CEO survey

As the industry becomes globalised, insurance companies need to find new ways to embrace the changes, despite incumbent legacy systems. Shape Networks’ cloud-based telephony solution is the perfect answer for insurance companies to jump into the digital age.

Shape Networks spans more than 15 years of experience helping and supporting some of the biggest UK independent insurance companies to communicate with their customers and ultimately drive business growth.

With Shape’s cloud-based solution, insurance companies can benefit from:

  • Cost savings:

By upgrading from legacy systems, insurers can have access to historically expensive communication features and functionalities such as Call Recording as well as save on maintenance costs.

  • Employee collaboration/productivity:

Our cloud-based solution enables your employees to collaborate and work more efficiently with remote working and unified communications solutions such as our smartphone app keeping you connected to your office phone system on the go.

  • Customer satisfaction/loyalty:

Our cloud-based solution enables insurers to build a multi-channel presence to communicate with their customers with features such as SMS-to-Chat creating more digital channels to interact directly with customers. Ultimately, customers have access to a more convenient service from their insurer, driving customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Shape Networks’ cloud-based solution offers many more benefits such as Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery solutions. To discuss these further, feel to contact us today on 0207 015 2100 or to request a FREE consultation.