The travel sector has changed greatly in the past few years. Nowadays, customers book directly online, and bypass travel agencies altogether. The added value of a “physical” agency depends on its ability to swiftly handle an incredible variety of requests and to offer customers a “made-to-measure” service. Traditional face-to-face communication is no longer enough to satisfy the demands of travel customers.

As a result, travel agencies make and receive countless calls every day, hence why the telephone remains indispensable for them. They also send and receive as many emails whilst making thousands of card transactions through various POS systems. Such a vast amount of tasks can quickly overwhelm travel agencies’ workforce to the point where it impacts their quality of service.

Just being “good” is no longer good enough, and organisations should think about how they can deliver outstanding service at all time.

Jo Causon, CEO of The Institute of Customer Service

At Shape Networks, we strongly believe that the answer to these business challenges resides in adapting travel agencies’ communications to the newer trends of customer interactions.

Indeed, customer communications is of paramount importance as minimising communication expenditures impacts bottom line operating costs and increasing communication features helps increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Nowadays, customer experience is key for travel agencies. By ensuring every call is always answered by the right agent, by eliminating finger pointing situations between agencies with call reporting and live monitoring tools, and by introducing advanced communication features like SMS-to-Chat, travel agencies can improve their operational efficiencies and staff productivity whilst delivering a better customer service, and ultimately improving their customer loyalty.

Shape Networks’ cloud-based platform offers all of the above and more. By centralising customer communications including email, voice and text under one solution, travel agents can act as one unified business regardless of their location.

Better consistency is needed across different channels. Engagement through digital methods such as emails, text, apps and webchat functions have all increased in the last year.

Jo Causon, CEO of The Institute of Customer Service

Shape’s cloud-based communication solution will not only enhance your staff productivity and support mobility but also offer a more convenient and personalised customer service that guarantees a better customer satisfaction level.

So if your travel company is looking at ways to improve its customer service to ultimately drive higher customers satisfaction, loyalty and retention, look no further and contact Shape Networks today on 0207 015 2100 or to request a FREE consultation.