Since last week, the UK Government has suspended its broadband connection voucher scheme, following last month’s announcement that more than 40,000 SMEs had applied for the funding since April 2015.

In September, the Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) warned small businesses that time was running out to sign up to the scheme that helps them get connected to superfast broadband with speeds of more than 24Mbps.

It was a different story last year, however, when take up of the then £100m initiative was proving not so successful with poor connectivity and pricey leased lines being blamed for the lack of interest from SMEs.

Since then, the DCMS invested another £40m in the scheme, ran a big advertising campaign, simplified the application process for SMEs to apply and expended the scheme to cover more cities with the hope for it to run until March 2016.

The government vouchers gave businesses in 50 cities across the UK up to £3,000 in funds to help them cover the cost of installation when upgrading their Internet connectivity.

As a result, Digital minister Ed Vaizey stated: “Our offer to small businesses has been a tremendous success and is proving increasingly popular”.

Companies in London have been issued the most vouchers with the latest statistics counting 11,664 vouchers, followed by the North West with 6,344 and Yorkshire and Humberside with 5,734.

At the moment, it is unclear whether the Connection Voucher scheme will be extended by the Government or not, through additional funding.

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