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To be the Business Communications partner of choice.


Shape Networks provides outstanding personal service, continuous evolution and unrivalled professionalism, whilst being regarded as a great company to work for and with.

For our customers

Besides technical excellence, we will provide: Clarity, conscientiousness, personal care,  a ‘can do’ approach and constant innovation.

For our suppliers

We will select carefully and always strive for strong, working partnerships. We will apply strong quality principles to purchasing and verification of what we receive.

For our all-important staff

We will provide a culture of enthusiasm, empowerment and job satisfaction, training as needed and self-monitoring of achievement. We are in every way an equal opportunities employer.


We are committed to clear, measurable processes. We are committed to corporate social responsibility and carbon neutrality.


• Personal care of each of our customers

• Conscientiousness in all our customer dealings

• A positive response to all our customer requirements

• A bespoke and innovative approach to each customer

• Use of plain clear English at all times

• Careful choice of Shape Networks’ suppliers

• Very specific purchasing requirements

• On-going verification of purchased products or services

• Careful selection and training of staff

• Fostering of company culture in line with our values

• Development of straightforward processes

• Process monitoring and improvement

• Corporate social responsibility as appropriate

• Attainment of carbon neutrality

• Elimination of waste

Our company values are:



Personal Care

Can Do Approach

Constant Innovation

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